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When you have questions and doubts about ways to handle garage doors, skim through this page and get your answers.

What will I do with struggling doors?

Struggling doors mean it doesn’t go up or down. It stays somewhere in between. In this case, you have to check the springs and other parts. The problem could be in the parts located inside. Have it replaced to avoid the problem from getting worse.

What are the chances of injury when using garage doors?

You have a high risk of getting injured with garage doors. According to Mamaroneck experts, there is a great chance of injury since you have to manually open it sometimes. Be as careful as possible around your doors, and watch out for children playing in the area.

How do you figure out if something is wrong with your garage doors?

If there is nothing broken in your unit but it does not seem to operate smoothly as well, you must check the moving components and tighten loose screws and hardware. Sometimes that will restore its function.

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