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New Garage Door Installation

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A garage door has an important role to play as it protects a car and the entire home. A high quality overhead door can increase the value of a property and enhance the look of a home. However, this large and heavy part of a home can also be a source of an accident, if mishandled. This is why professionals are trained to accurately install and fix problems with a garage door. “Garage Door Repair Mamaroneck” is not just an expert in troubleshooting problems with your door; we are also here to install a new door for homes and commercial properties.  Whether you need a single or a double door installation, our experienced technicians recommend the right product that suits your needs and personal preferences.


We Know What’s Best for your Home or Business

New Garage Door Installation


It pays to know your options when you are looking to buy a new door for your garage. The good news is, we are experienced professionals at installing these doors regardless of type and brand. We carry major names from Amarr to Clopay. Moreover, we offer various materials from steel, wood composite, vinyl, and aluminum. If you have other things in mind such as windows, decorative detailing, and insulation, we guide and listen to your needs.


When it comes to materials, steel is not your only option. This metal is commonly used due to its sturdiness, but there are other materials that are also worth your pick. For instance, wood composite provides the feel of natural wood but without the maintenance. This material can be stained and painted, which offers a customized look for your home’s façade. Vinyl, on the other hand, offers no rust that steel doors are prone to. It is also resistant to dents and scratches, another advantage against the common steel. If you desire upscale doors for your luxurious home, we offer carriage house style wooden doors.


Our team knows the importance of proper installation to prevent frequent garage door repair, which is why we offer our very best to maintain a level of workmanship that follows strictest standards. Once you have entrusted new garage door installation to us, be confident that you will receive exceptional results and care. Tell us what you need, and we will gladly help you as it's our pleasure to serve you. Whether it’s garage door replacement or repair, trust us to meet all your expectations. Call us now for pricing.

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